For the similarly named Empire: Total War unit, see Guard Grenadiers.

Grenadier Guards
Grenadier Guards Westphalia NTW
Appears in Napoleon: Total War
Belongs to Westphalia
Type Elite Infantry
Ammunition 10
Soldiers in each unit 40/80/120/160
Melee attack 9
Charge bonus 14
Defense skill 13
Morale 11
Range 80
Accuracy 50
Reloading 75
Produced from Military Academy
Special abilities
Cost 880
Upkeep 220
Turns to Train 4
Unit Cap 4
Grenadier Guards Westphalia NTW Icon
Grenadier Guards are a type of elite infantry in Napoleon: Total War.


These are an elite disciplined force, skilled with muskets and bayonets.

Grenadiers are elite troops, the tallest and strongest men, taking the position of honour on the right of the line during battle. Grenadier Guards have the ability to inspire their fellow soldiers just by their presence. They are incredibly disciplined and can reload their weapons with breathtaking speed and discharge them with high accuracy. Their extensive training makes them more expensive than line infantry.

The Grenadier Guards have a prestigious history that dates back to the time of Oliver Cromwell and the exile of King Charles II. Charles gathered troops around him in the hope of reclaiming his throne; one of the first of these units was Lord Wentworth’s Regiment of guards. These men remained in France following Charles’ restoration to the English throne, and another regiment was created to protect him, John Russell’s Regiment. Russell’s and Wentworth’s were eventually combined and became known as the 1st Regiment of Foot Guards. Their renown reached a peak at the battle of Waterloo where they were renamed, by royal proclamation, to the 1st or Grenadier Regiment of Foot Guards, because it was believed they had repulsed the Napoleon’s Grenadiers of the Guard.

General InformationEdit

Grenadier Guards are unique to Westphalia. Despite their unique appearance, description and name, their stats and abilities are identical to generic elite infantry.

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