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Grand Battery of the Convention
Grand Battery of the Convention NTW
Appears in Napoleon: Total War
Belongs to France
Type Foot Artillery
Guns 2/4/6/8
Firepower 35
Range 600 (Round Shot)/150 (Canister Shot)
Accuracy 60
Reload 50
Melee attack 4
Charge bonus 5
Defense skill 8
Morale 5
Produced from Engineer School
Special abilities
Shot Types *Round Shot
Cost 1860 SP/2490 MP
Upkeep 460
Turns to Train 3
Unit Cap 1
Grand Battery of the Convention NTW Icon
The Grand Battery of the Convention is a type of foot artillery in Napoleon: Total War. It is available to France with the Imperial Eagle Pack DLC, which was available for free with the standard boxed edition of the game.


This numerically strong gun battery is a very powerful artillery force for any French commander.

With twice as many guns as an ordinary artillery unit, the Grand Battery is an exceptionally strong unit. Its cannons have both a long range and tremendous killing power. However, it is vulnerable to cavalry attack even when not emplaced, as it is slow moving. The gun crews are only armed with swords and relatively untrained in hand-to-hand combat. Fighting is not their task: serving the guns is their only duty.

The Grand Battery was the turning point of Napoleon Bonaparte’s career: he was promoted to brigadier-general thanks to his skills and drive. As a trained artillerist, he knew that the real killing power in an army was in the heavy guns, not musketry or sabres. The idea of a Grand Battery was used in many of his later battles. It relied on weight of fire against a single section of an enemy line to blow a hole through any enemy defences. Against the storm of shot that a grand battery could produce, flesh stood little chance. The best defence was to use a reverse slope and hide behind the crest of a hill, rather than endure such a bombardment.

General InformationEdit

The Grand Battery statistically compares most closely to the Artillerie à Pied, with identical statistics for the most part including impressive reloading skill and accuracy. However, it has twice as many cannons as any other artillery regiment in the game, therefore doubling its destructive power. In addition, it also has slightly heavier firepower than Artillerie à Pied or 12-lber Foot Artillery. However, it is extravagantly expensive: over twice as costly as Artillerie à Pied. Unlike other unique French artillery, the Grand Battery of the Convention does not inspire nearby units.

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