For the unit, see Grand Battery of the Convention.

Grand Battery
Grand Battery NTW
Prerequisite None
Research Points Needed 130
Building Needed Drill School
Leads To None
Stream Military
  • +5% bonus to artillery accuracy
  • Enables artillery Barrage ability
Grand Battery is a military technology in Napoleon: Total War.


Using the tactic of a Grand Battery increases the accuracy of artillery units.

The Grand Battery is an artillery tactic which involves amassing all available artillery into one huge battery and then concentrating its fire on a single point in the enemy line. The concentrated fire also makes for a devastating attack that can blast through enemy lines and structures. The massed nature of this fire given improves the accuracy and effectiveness of artillery units in battle.

In reality, the Grand Battery was an ingenious new tactic that, for a while, gave Napoleon the edge over his enemies. At Wagram and Borodino it was used, respectively, to break an enemy line in the centre and repel an enemy counter attack. As with all ingenious tactics, there was an ingenious counter attack: Wellington and other generals started deploying their troops well out of range of any grand battery. Wellington employed this tactic to great effect at the Battle of Waterloo, deploying his men safely out of range and just to be sure, on the reverse slope of a hill, hiding them from any direct fire.

General InformationEdit

Grand Battery somewhat improves the accuracy of all artillery, and also grants cannon artillery the Barrage ability, significantly improving their reload speed for short periods of time.

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