Gran Colombia
Gran Colombia
is a faction in Empire: Total War. It is an emergent faction.

Home RegionsEdit

General InformationEdit

Colombia emerges in South America should the faction holding those regions fall. As the regions are fairly wealthy Colombia can become a relatively powerful faction, though it rarely expands.

Unit RosterEdit

Colombia shares a similar roster with that of Spain, being able to field units such as Galleons, Cazadores, and Guerillas. However, it does not have access to Guardias de Infanteria, Guardias de Corps, and any of the DLC units exclusive to Spain.


Formerly part of the Spanish Empire, Gran Colombia was formed after Simon Bolívar's unexpected victory against the imperialists in New Granada. Bolívar declared himself dictator after his failure to ratify a federalist constitution, but was unable to hold the newly formed country together. In the wake of this failure, Gran Colombia was split into three countries: Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela (Colombia would later lose Panama due to American intervention).

Gran Colombia's legacy can be seen by the similarities of the flags of these three countries, reflecting their common background.

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