The Gold Mine is a resource building in Napoleon: Total War.


Gold mining adds greatly to the wealth of a region, but at a cost in lives and injuries.

No one, however, cares about those, as the greed of men for gold seems to know no limits; even townsfolk uninvolved in the mine feel the benefit of the wealth produced. It is a dirty, dangerous business and the miners risk everything for the sake of the owner's profits.

Historically, profits for owners were the only consideration in mines. Accidents were seen as inevitable and annoying, because they slowed down extraction. Miners were expected to work in terrible conditions, and paid piece rates for their work. Because safety work and shoring up tunnels did not earn money, the tasks were skipped. What point is there in working if you are not going to be paid? Pit props may stop tunnels collapsing, but putting them in is not paid work, and the miners may even be charged for the materials! Owners were quite willing to charge them for candles, tools and gunpowder. They were also willing to pay lower rates to women and children labourers too: women often pull carts to the surface and children need less space and air than adults.


Requires 1,200 gold and 3 turns. Can be upgraded to Steam-Pumped Gold Mine.

Gold Mine NTW
  • +300 to region wealth
  • +10 to town wealth in the region

Assuming standard tax rate, pays for itself within 10-15 turns (including build time), generating 90-165 gold per turn in addition to +10 town wealth per turn. This makes the gold mine arguably the single best early game structure to build, both in terms of direct region wealth and town wealth growth. Most gold mine building spots in the game already starts with one of these structures, however, so there's no opportunity to build them unless one had been destroyed earlier. Nevertheless, regions that have gold mines are highly lucrative targets for invasion. While gold mines have large benefits for the regions they are in, they can be upgraded to structures that are both more lucrative and also benefit all regions with a global bonus.

Regions that have gold mines include Portugal, Spain, Pays d'Oc, Milan, Sardinia, Venetia, Rome, Austria, Silesia, and Hessen.

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