Germania is a playable map in Total War: Arena.


TW Arena Germania Map

Germania mini map

Germania is the largest and most complex map to date, geared towards mid to high tiers and experienced players. The layout of the terrain allows for many ambush opportunities, and there is a large difference in elevation, encouraging you to carefully consider your approach across the map towards the enemy fortifications.

Key FeaturesEdit

  • Into the woods - Dense forests are the main feature of this map; wherever you go you won't be too far away from the cover of trees. There are plenty of places for light units to excel at ambush tactics... but don't let that fool you into thinking heavier units are at a disadvantage, as the outer routes on the map provide plenty of open terrain. Alternatively, heavies can hold their own sticking to the roads leading straight through the wooded areas.
  • People should know when they are conquered - The war-torn front lines of battle lie in the middle of the map between the two settlements. Here you will find combat harsh and unforgiving across the burnt, muddy and scarred terrain. Push through, however, and it’s a straight run into attacking positions on the enemy’s settlement.
  • This is our land - Both armies hold a large fortified settlement on either side of the map, providing seemingly well-defended positions. They are larger than the encampments found in other maps and provide a lot of space to fight and manoeuvre for control of the command building. Both forts have already suffered severe damage, leaving several openings for future attacks.





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