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003Germania Flag

The flag of the Germanic tribes as seen in Rome: Total War.

Germania is a European Barbarian faction that is featured in the game, Rome: Total War. They can be played by successfully completing either a long or short campaign with the Romans, by destroying them in the Imperial Campaign. These people were the bane of civilized nations for ages. Living in their dark forests, they were poor but hardy, awaiting their chance to grow and develop. Ironworking was little known, so the Germanic tribes used those weapons natural to the forests- spears, axes, and bows. They had little to begin with, but contact with outside cultures enabled them to learn other ways and learn them fast. The Germans were always a clever people, and soon became masters of metalworking themselves. They also soldiered for Rome, and the veterans returning to the tribes taught those ways to their kinsmen. They eventually conquered all of western Europe - including Rome - using the skills they learned.

While certainly not an advanced civilization, the Germans have much to offer. They have a well-balanced roster of recruitable units, and among them such feared units as the Berserkers and Gothic Cavalry. They lack artillery, but what need do the Men of the Wild have for those dishonorable engines? They have great cavalry, excellent archers, and the toughest infantry in the world.

Germania occupies the north-central part of the map, stretching from Gaul in the West to the Scythian steppes to the East. Though large and spread, Germania suffers from a poor economy and the unlucky combination of large units and low population. It can be a powerhouse under the right hands, as its starting units are among the best in the game. Its later units are a mix of the hilarious to the practical, yet all are deadly.

The basic German infantry are the Spear warband and the Axemen. There are a few interesting units though: Berserkers have a high attack and morale as well as two hit points, although they are unarmored. Chosen Archers have a ranged attack on par with the Egyptian Pharaoh's Bowmen. They are respectable in melee as well, though lack the heavier armor of the Egyptians. German cavalry is some of the best horsemen in the game, easy to produce in any third-tier minor city with the appropriate stable. Gothic Cavalry, from the Sacred Circle of Woden are extremely strong cavalry and arguably the best in the West.

The German tribes start in the area south of Scandinavia with several villages and towns under their control. They are bordered by Gaul to the south. Their cities are:

  • Damme: German Capital City; Region - Tribus Chattii
  • Mogontiacum: German Large Town; Region - Agri Decumates
  • Trier: German Town; Region - Germania Superior
  • Batavordum: German Town; Region - Germania Inferior
  • Vicus Marcomanni: German Town; Region - Regnum Marcomannii
TotalWarUnitGuideGermanUnits 01

Germanic Units.

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