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Genoa Flag NTW

Flag of Genoa

Genoa is a faction in Napoleon: Total War. It appears in the Italy Campaign.

General InformationEdit

In singleplayer, Genoa can emerge if the region of Liguria (initially controlled Piedmont-Sardinia) by has a successful rebellion. As liberation is impossible in the Italy campaign, this is the only way Genoa can appear.

In multiplayer, Genoa is already an independent faction from the first turn. It begins the campaign in Liguria, and borders French-held Nice to the west, Piedmont-Sardinia in the north-west, Parma in the north-east, and Tuscany in the east. It has friendly relations with most of the factions, though it is neutral to France and Parma, and it has a sour relationship with Austria. It begins the campaign with no enemies, allies, or trade partners. 


Below is a chart of grievances and friendships other factions have toward Genoa if it emerges (factions that are not listed are neutral). Both positive and negative values diminish by 1 per turn over time.

France Milan Papal States Piedmont-Sardinia Tuscany
-50 +40 +40 +55 +40

Below is a chart of grievances and friendships Genoa has toward other factions if it emerges:

France Milan Modena Papal States Parma Piedmont-Sardinia Tuscany
-50 +40 +40 +40 +40 +50 +40


Genoa fields a similar roster to the other Italian factions, with access to foot artillery, heavy cavalry, line infantry, grenadiers, and militia. This puts it at a distinct disadvantage to factions like Austria or France.

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