For the similarly named unit, see General's Staff.

General Staff
General Staff NTW
Prerequisite None
Research Points Needed 480
Building Needed Military Academy
Leads To Staff College
Stream Military
  • +8% to army campaign movement range
General Staff is a military technology in Napoleon: Total War.


A general staff assists commanders in the field and in a war ministry in their many and burdensome duties.

Without paperwork, clerks and administrators, armies cannot function. Field commanders also need assistance in drafting orders, collating intelligence of the enemy and in making sure that men are properly supplied and fed. A general staff is made up of relatively junior, but trusted officers who can act as the eyes and ears of their general and, when occasion calls for it, make sure his orders are delivered in a clear and prompt fashion. With a general staff to deal with administration, a force can move with more despatch and not waste valuable time.

Historically, Napoleon Bonaparte made full use of various generals, favourite officers, confidential secretaries and the like to assist him. Louis Alexandre Berthier (1753-1815) was Napoleon’s Chief of Staff, and highly favoured by the emperor because of his diligence in making sure orders were obeyed. After Napoleon’s abdication in 1814, Berthier made his peace with the new King Louis XVIII. He then refused to join Napoleon on his return to Paris in 1815, and Napoleon saw Berthier’s absence as one of the reasons for his defeat at Waterloo.

General InformationEdit

General Staff increases campaign map movement range, increasing the capabilities of armies in rapidly taking objectives or retreating. Its effects stack with those of Logistics' 5% movement increase as well as those of roads and other similar effects. It also unlocks the ability to construct Staff Colleges, allowing factions to access the final tier of military technologies as well as to recruit their most elite units.

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