Geats Faction Card
Leader(s) Dag
Capital Hrefnesholt
Culture Barbarian Germanic
Religion(s) Germanic Paganism
Emerges in 395 AD
Appears in Total War: Attila
The Geats are a faction in Total War: Attila that is made playable with the Vikings Forefathers DLC, which could have either been pre-ordered with the game or bought for $7.99 after the game release. 


Legendary ancestors of Beowulf, the Geati manifest all the intrepid boldness of the famous hero.

From their stronghold on the southern tip of the Swedish Peninsula they have naval access to the whole of northern Europe, allowing them to launch frequent raids without fear of retribution. The most glorious of these exploits are told in Geati’s rich oral tradition, immortalising their leaders and inspiring a new generation to seek glory.

While the arrival of the Huns in Europe has meant disaster for most, for the Geati it is just another opportunity. Recently, their king, Gizur, led a force into central Europe to fight alongside the Goths in exchange for Roman gold and goods – there are rich pickings to be gained fighting for the highest bidder in the south. Crisis is blooming in these fertile lands, and the Geati are determined to be at its heart, profiting from it.

Faction TraitsEdit

Cultural TraitsEdit

Viking RaidersEdit

"Fire and war is all some men know, and so it becomes them."

  • +250% conversion cost of the main chain
  • +200% conversion time of the main chain
  • Income: +75% from sacking, looting and raiding

Faction TraitsEdit

Cold BloodEdit

"Ice thaws down to the very core, where it resolves and hardens. So it is with men also."

  • Morale: +10 when fighting during the winter
  • Immune to snow attrition

Starting PositionEdit



  • Hrefnesholt
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