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In Napoleon: Total War, France is the star faction. You can play it in story mode, Napoleon's battles (battles that involved Napoleon Bonaparte), The Peninsula Campaign, Campaigns of the Coalition, multiplayer, and custom battle. The Campaigns that involve France mostly focus on Napoleon's life, starting from a little boy in Corsica all the way to the Battle of Waterloo.


  • Italian Campaign - Control the cities Nice, Coni, Turin, Milan, Lodi, Mantua, Modena, Parma, and Klagenfurt by late December 1797 (40 turns).
  • Egyptian Campaign - Control at least ten regions including Alexandria, Cairo, Arish, Acre, and Damscus.
  • European Campaign - Control at least 35 regions including France (Paris), Austria (Vienna), Brandenburg (Berlin), East Prussia (Konisburg), and Moscow Guberyina (Moscow).
  • Peninsular Campaign - Control 30 regions, including Sevilla, Midi-Pyrenees, Estremadura, Gibraltar, Castilla la Neuva.

Initial InformationEdit

Custom Battle UnitsEdit


Light InfantryEdit

  • Chassuers
  • 6th Regiment d'Infanterie Legere

Elite UnitsEdit

  • Guard Seamen
  • Young Guard
  • Old Guard
  • Dutch Grenadiers

Line InfantryEdit


  • Grenadiers of the line


  • Votiguers

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