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For other uses of the term, see France.

France Flag NTW

Flag of France

France is a major playable faction in Napoleon: Total War. It is the star faction, available for every campaign. The campaigns that involve France mostly focus on Napoleon's life, starting from a young man in Corsica all the way to the Battle of Waterloo.


Napoléon Bonaparte

Napoléon Bonaparte

Behind all the Imperial façade and republican sentiments, France is once again an absolute monarchy, now ruled by Emperor Napoleon I. His efforts to secure good marriages for his brothers and marshals are dynastic politics that Bourbon kings would have grasped instantly. Yet, for all this, the French people have freedom, as Napoleon has used credit gained by his victories to remake France. Merit, as well as birth, now counts for something.

The Emperor’s efforts have given France an impressive empire and domination over many neighbours; he is a source of strength. Napoleon has redrawn the map of Europe to suit his own ends. He is also a great weakness, as his treatment of enemies and rivals has not been entirely politic or polite. He has caused offence to nearly everyone, taking not giving, even when he should have been conciliatory. He has managed, through poor diplomacy, to make the British look like attractive allies to many.

As a result, the Austrians are waiting for an opportunity to strike back at France for their recent humiliations and losses. The Russians, too, will strike down this new upstart emperor if given a chance, and will they ignore Napoleon’s instructions to ban trade with England? The Prussians, apparently, are content to sit and wait, but for how long? Will they idly sit by if it becomes necessary to extend French power in northern Germany? And then there are the British: always there are the British. That vindictive little island will have to be dealt with at some time.

France, therefore, faces many rivals. But if they can be isolated and removed one by one, then Europe really will know peace, under Bonaparte, the heir to Caesar!


Ntw fra europe map
  • Italian Campaign - Control the cities Nice, Coni, Turin, Milan, Lodi, Mantua, Modena, Parma, and Klagenfurt by late December 1797 (40 turns).
  • Egyptian Campaign - Control at least ten regions including Alexandria, Cairo, Arish, Acre, and Damascus.
  • European Campaign - Control at least 35 regions including France (Paris), Austria (Vienna), Brandenburg (Berlin), East Prussia (Konigsberg), and Moscow Guberyina (Moscow).
  • Peninsular Campaign - Control 30 regions, including Sevilla, Midi-Pyrenees, Estremadura, Gibraltar, Castilla la Nueva.

General InformationEdit

France has a powerful but tenuous starting position. In addition to Spain, it has many minor allies that stay loyal unless France does something drastic to upset them. France has far more starting generals than any other faction, and all are very capable. French lands are wealthy, with manageable public order, and it has the third most powerful starting fleet. Its armies, while initially spread out, are more numerous than most of its rivals, and it has the largest and most powerful roster of elite units.

Offsetting France's powerful starting power and potential is its volatile political situation. At sea, Great Britain has a more powerful navy, preventing France from fully taking advantage of trading nodes and potentially invading France herself with impunity. On land, France has to fight with Austria, which is soon reinforced by Russian armies. Prussia, while initially neutral, declares war on France (or vice versa--France requires Prussian lands, including its home region, in the historical campaign) unless an alliance is struck early. France is also nominally at war with Sweden to the north and the Kingdom of Sicily and the Kingdom of Sardinia in the south, though in practice these factions rarely cause problems for France unless they are invaded. Trying to negotiate peace with any single faction in this powerful coalition is almost inevitably a waste of time, as their allies almost always manage to convince them to rejoin the war nearly immediately. France has nearly all the major factions, as well as a number of minor factions, at war against it by default. While it has some allies, most have historical grievances with France and are generally fairly passive in deploying their troops.

France needs its power to accomplish its ambitious goals, requiring lands from Austria-controlled Vienna to Moscow in the far East. Key to France's success is to isolate and destroy its enemies, limiting the foes it has to face at any single moment.

France's unique building, the Arc de Triomphe, increases movement range for all units. In addition, a mission is granted where upon its completion when controlling France in singleplayer, all land units gain one chevron of experience.

Unit RosterEdit

As the featured faction in Napoleon: Total War, France benefits from having a powerful roster in most categories. Their elite troops are, by a considerable margin, the best in the game, and also can be recruited in the largest quantity. However, their light infantry and particularly their skirmishers are inferior. In particular, Voltiguers (French skirmishers) only have 100 range as opposed to the 125 range skirmishers most other factions field, though they make up for this with their superior reloading skills.

French line infantry are about middle of the pack, being about tied with Prussia, inferior to those of Great Britain, but being superior to those of Austria and Russia. Thanks to their National Guard, French militia are a cut above most militia in terms of quality. Unfortunately, they aren't available for recruitment outside of the Italian Campaign, and only a few regiments are available in the European Campaign.

France has varied, powerful cavalry. Their standard light cavalry, Chasseurs à Cheval wield muskets, giving them an advantage over most of their rivals even if their melee skills are somewhat lackluster. Their lancers are some of the best in the game. Finally, France has access to a very generous complement of unique, powerful cavalry in the form of downloadable content. Their Polish Guard Lancers, for example, have the best charge bonus in the game, and their Grenadiers a Cheval inspire nearby troops in addition to being formidable heavy cavalry. The downside to France's cavalry is that they are generally more expensive than their peers.

France's artillery is in most ways the best in the game. While their howitzer options aren't as varied as that of Russia, they are statistically superior to all of their rivals and are further bolstered by their superior elite artillery (unique to them, of all the major factions).

France has the second best roster of ships in the game, having a much wider selection of ships and superior stats than all of their rivals except Great Britain. Most French ships have 10 more accuracy and 1 more speed than other ships, though they are slightly more expensive to build and maintain. France also lacks a few ships that other factions have access to, such as the 50-gun Ship-of-the-Line.

All in all, France' most glaring weakness is its average light infantry and line infantry. In multiplayer battles, its expensive units mean that France rarely have the luxury of recruiting better generals or troops if it wishes to fight with a full stack army. Man for man, however, French forces are capable in every category.

Custom Battle UnitsEdit



Light InfantryEdit

Elite InfantryEdit

Line InfantryEdit




Heavy CavalryEdit

Lancer CavalryEdit

Light CavalryEdit


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