France Emblem
Leader Philip
Religion Catholic
Appears in Grand Campaign
Culture Northern European
Starting regions Paris Region; Toulouse Region; Marseilles Region; Angers Region; Rheims Region

France is one of the factions of Medieval II: Total War, unlocked at start of campaign. They follow the Catholic Church.


France is a shining example of feudalism in its rawest, and arguably, most delicate form. The French lords eagerly embrace the system that splits the country up into smaller provinces, duchies and fiefdoms, actively building up their forces to ensure their own security and power. About the only thing the French lack at this point is a sense of unity...

The Ile de France may be where the monarchy resides, but the royal family rarely leave Paris. This is not because of a great love for the city, but rather because the surrounding lands are under the shadow of bastions owned by "Robber Barons" that serve their own interests. Frankly, the way things are now, the King isn't truly safe to wander a kingdom that is supposedly his.

The Normans are clearly serving their own best interests, having recently taken England for themselves. It's hard to believe that they will be content to stop there. Other provinces such as Aquitaine, Burgundy, Brittany, and Flanders aren't quite so dangerously ambitious... excercising a little authority over these lands looks like an essential move for the French if they're to have any hope of creating a power base that can stave off the might of the Holy Roman Empire to the east. Even less pressing concerns like the Spanish and Milanese expansions will soon become a royal headache for the monarchy if France does not establish solid fronts to the south.


Fields the best heavy cavalry in the west, and good infantry in the late period.


Relatively weak infantry in early period.


France is in a powerful position in 1066. They are poised to push England out of continental Europe, and with an alliance with Scotland, could destroy them. France can expand quickly due to the neighboring rebel settlements. However, Milan to the southeast is a powerhouse and must be delt with one way or another.


  • Religion - Catholic
  • Long Campaign win conditions - Hold 45 regions, including: Jerusalem Region
  • Short Campaign win conditions - Hold 15 regions. Eliminate factions: England
  • Financial Start - Starting Purse 8,000 Florins
  • Kings Purse- 1,500 Florins


  • Paris (Large Town, Capital) - Town Guard, Small Church, Town Hall, Grain Exchange, Dirt Roads
  • Toulouse (Castle) - Stables, Bowyer, Port
  • Marseilles (Town) - Town Watch
  • Angers (Wooden Castle) - Stables
  • Rheims (Town) - Land Clearance, Town Watch

Initial units

  • 5 General Bodyguard's
  • 14 Spear Militia
  • 1 Town Militia
  • 10 Peasant Archers
  • 1 Crossbow Militia
  • 2 Mailed Knights

Ruling Family

  • King Philip (Age 40; Faction Leader) - Command 5, Chivalry 4, Authority 3, Piety 4
  • Prince Louis (Age 21; Faction Heir) - Command 6, Dread 4, Loyalty 5, Piety 3
  • Michiel (Age 2; Junior Family Member; Male)
  • Henry (Age 1; Junior Family Member; Male)

Initial Agents

  • Aubert Fébre (Age 20; Spy) - 3 Subterfuge
  • Étienne Tristam (Age 37; Cardinal) - 5 piety
  • Constance (Age 19; Princess) - 5 charm

Neighboring Rebel Territories

Units Edit


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