Fourth Rate Ship of the Line Icon
Fourth Rate Ship of the Line
Fourth Rate Ship of the Line
Belongs to All factions
Crew 155
Guns 58 (27 on each side, 2 bow chasers, 2 stern chasers)
Firepower 872
Range 400
Accuracy 40
Reloading skill 15
Hull strength 3078
Speed 16
Maneuverability Low
Tech requirement None
Produced from Drydock or higher
Special abilities Top Gallants
Cost 1820 SP/1230 MP
Upkeep 450

The Fourth Rate Ship of the Line is a ship type in Empire: Total War.


The fourth rate is the smallest vessel styled a "ship of the line" (of battle), carrying as many as 60 guns.

Ships of the line of battle are the mainstay of fighting fleets: strong and stable gun platforms for battering enemy vessels into submission. The designation of “fourth rate” for ships of this size is a British Royal Navy one, and covers a number of designs, all with very similar handling and combat power. All fourth rates are square-rigged, two-deck ships, with up to 60 guns on board in a mixture of calibres: usually a mixture of 24-, 18- and 12-pounders, with the heavier guns mounted on the lower deck.

Even though fourth rates are obviously smaller than the third-rate 74s, their firepower is much lower than a simple number-of-guns comparison would indicate. There is no structural strength or space for coping with the recoil of massive guns. As a result, a fourth rate may only have half the weight of fire of a larger ship, although partially it makes up for this by being a handier sailing vessel, especially in shallow waters.

Historically, it was obvious by the 1750s that ships of this size were not tough enough to stand in the line of battle against larger vessels. Over time, various admiralties removed these smaller battle ships from the active service, or sent them to minor stations where they were unlikely to encounter powerful enemies. Some survived as converted transports.

General InformationEdit

Fourth rate ships are the smallest true "ship of the line." Although only marginally larger than 5th rates, they have stronger hulls and greater throw weight, carrying 54 cannon of various sizes. Well able to hold their own in a pitched battle, they are useful and flexible warships.

Fourth rates are the lightest ships to have a range penalty. This means that they have a distinct disadvantage against Fifth Rates, which can kite them relatively easily.

Some factions' ship statistics are different from others; differences are listed below (traits that to not differ are not listed).

Type Accuracy Reload Skill Hull Strength Speed Morale Cost Upkeep
Standard 40 15 3978 14 9 1820 450
France 50 15 4068 15 9 1920 480

Great Britain

40 30 4152 14 10 1850 460
United States 40 25 4152 14 10 1770 440
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