Forester Warband (Gaul)
Gaulish Forester Warband
Appears in Rome: Total War
Belongs to Gaul
Type Archer infantry
Weapon(s) Bow
Soldiers in each unit 80
Attack skill 11 (Melee)

11 (Missile)

Charge bonus 4
Hitpoints 1
Armor 3
Defense skill 4
Shield bonus 0
Special abilities Can hide anywhere; Combat bonus in woods or snow; Long range missiles; Excellent morale; Can use flaming missiles; Very good stamina; Fast moving
Cost 960
Upkeep 200

A life spent hunting is an excellent training for war. Personal courage, skill and the rediness to take a life can all be learned during a hunt. Foresters are highly skilled men with both the bow and the spear, their preferred weapons. They also each wear good leather armour.

Their hunting skills also stand them in good stead when stalking men instead of animals - these men can hide almost anywhere, taking advantage of every scrap of cover. The ability to spring ambushes as well as fight hand-to-hand makes them a uniquely flexible force for a warlord and one that, unusually, has enough sense to obey all orders. Foresters already know they're superb hunters and warriors, and do not need to prove their skills to anyone by attacking just because they can!