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Fifth Rate
Fifth Rate
Belongs to All factions
Crew 133
Guns 48 (23 on each side, 2 bow chasers)
Firepower 592
Range 500
Accuracy 60
Reloading skill 40
Hull strength 2716
Speed 20
Maneuverability Medium
Tech requirement None
Produced from Dockyard and higher
Special abilities Top Gallants
Cost 1280 SP/1140 MP
Upkeep 320

The Fifth Rate is a ship type in Empire: Total War.


Frigates are single-deck warships used for a variety of tasks thanks to a combination of good handling, firepower and endurance at sea.

“Fifth rate” is a Royal Navy term for the largest of the single-deck frigates, square-rigged ships that carry some 44 guns, usually no heavier than 12-pounders. Originally a French design – but quickly adopted by the other European powers – the frigate is used for pursuit, convoy protection, commerce raiding and reconnaissance work. The design’s excellent sailing characteristics and good handling, especially in inshore waters, make it a useful addition to any blockading fleet. The frigate’s ability to operate far away from a home port also makes it a useful cruiser, carrying the fight to the enemy in unexpected waters.

Frigates can have the advantage over larger, two-deck ships in rough waters. A frigate captain rarely has to worry about his gun deck taking on water, and can therefore fight in conditions that leave bigger ships at a disadvantage. However, fifth rates are not powerful enough to face battleships. They have the speed and handling to stay out of trouble; they do not have the strength of construction to survive a pounding! Against sloops, brigs and merchantmen, however, they are deadly. This makes them excellent postings for officers hungry for prize money and glory.

Frigates captains made splendid role models for fictional heroes: Thomas, Lord Cochrane earned a fortune in prize money, gained the nickname “le loup des mers” (sea-wolf) and was the inspiration for fictional heroes Horatio Hornblower and Jack Aubrey.

General InformationEdit

Fifth rates combine decent firepower with great handling and speed. Along with their admiral's equivalent, they are the heaviest ship type to possess 500 range, giving them a distinct advantage over Fourth Rates and other heavier ships. This makes Fifth Rates the best ships for kiting larger ships, as they possess much more firepower than Sixth Rates with only marginally poorer speed and maneuverability.

Some factions' ship statistics are different from others; differences are listed below (traits that to not differ are not listed).

Type Accuracy Reload Skill Hull Strength Speed Morale Cost Upkeep
Standard 60 40 2716 17 8 1280 320
France 70 40 2790 18 8 1410 350

Great Britain

60 55 2856 17 9 1300 320
Russia 60 40 2716 17 8 1310 320
Spain 60 40 2716 17 8 1270 310
United States 60 50 2856 17 9 1260 310
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