This is the Egyptian Campaign for Napoleon: Total War. Its completion is required for the European Campaign.

Ingame DescriptionEdit

"Napoleon Bonaparte and his Armee d'Orient are faced with a difficult task: the conquest of Egypt and a march to India. Once in India, they will join forces with Tippu Sultan, the Tiger of Mysore, and drive the hated English into the sea! Such is the grandeur of the scheme and, in General Napoleon Bonaparte, there is a commander of equal grandeur to undertake it.

Before this can be achieved, however, there are more immediate obstacles. Egypt is ruled by the Mamelukes, who are normally loyal servants of the Ottoman Empire. In the burning heat of the desert, Frenchmen must march on Alexandria and break their power before anything else can be achieved. But here, in this land of ancient secrets, there is glory to be won!

Glory enough for France, and glory enough, possibly, for General Bonaparte!"

General Information (FranceEdit

Victory ConditionsEdit

Capture 10 provinces, including the provinces shown, by Late December 1800.

  • Qalyubia
  • Galilee
  • North Sinai
  • Rif Dimashq
  • Western Delta

Basics at startEdit

  • ProtectoratesNone
  • AlliesNone
  • Trade PartnersNone
  • EnemiesGreat Britain, Mamelukes, Ottoman Empire, Bedouin
  • Religion – Catholicism
  • Government – Republic
  • Ruler – Jean-François Reubell (President)
  • Population – 10,000
  • Wealth – Spectacular
  • Power – Sublime
  • Treasury – 8700
  • Technology - None
  • Spies – Tristan Lefranc (Damanhour)
  • Gentlemen - Lucien Dawnay (Western Delta)
  • Generals - Louis Charles Antoine Desaix (Damanhour), Jean Baptiste Kléber (Western Delta), Napoleon Bonaparte (Western Delta)
  • Admirals - None


Alexandria, Western DeltaEdit

  • Starting BuildingsTax Office, Army Encampment, Empty Construction Site
  • Infrastructure - No Roads
  • Population – 10,000
  • Wealth – 4,300
  • Religion – 100.0% Islam
  • Starting Towns/PortsAbu Qir (Port - Dockyard), Idku Woodland (Timber Site - No Building)


Louis Charles Antoine DesaixEdit

Jean Baptiste KléberEdit

Napoleon BonaparteEdit

Missions IssuedEdit

  • Breaking the Mameluke Resistance
  • The British Threat
  • The Ottoman Offensive
  • The Cairo Rebellion (if you have a rebellion in Qalyubia)
  • A Matter of Morale
  • Subduing the Bedouin
  • Desert Ways
  • The Suez Canal
  • Stalling the Ottoman Advance
  • Consolidating our Conquest