Soldiers: 12

TotalWarParthianGeneral 01

Attack: 12 (Javelin) 12 (Swords)

Charge Bonus: 4

Weapon Type: Missile/Melee

Total Defense: 24

Armor: 6

Defense Skill: 5

Shield: 4

Hit Points: 2

Recruitment Cost: 960

Upkeep: 80

Morale: 10

Abilities: Good Morale, Good Stamina

Ammunition: 6

A bodyguard was, historically speaking, a functional unit, rather than a type of soldier. In Parthia, however, they are spear-armed shock cavalry, whose success or failure depends to a large extent on the personal characteristics of the general who they are guarding - his effect on their morale, for example, or on their discipline, will play a large role in determining how they fight. They are in all cases excellent troops. [[Category:Mardian units]

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