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The Dwarfs are a faction in Total War: Warhammer.

'By Grugni's beard, that's an insult that can only be repaid in kind. Die, you wazzock!'[1]

Dwarfs are a proud, bearded folk who are quick to temper and easy to offend, with a love of gems, gold and other precious metals. They are short, generally no taller than five-and-a-half foot in height but are broad with powerful arms and stout legs. Dwarfs are master; they see the work of other races as inferior and even have a special word in their lexicon for man-mad devices which they call "umgak", to mean shoddy. Much of this learning has come from eons of carving out their home in the mountains; the strongholds under the World's Edge Mountains were undisputable wonders of the world - massive underground cities, and in the lower levels great industrial centers in the form of smelteries, forges and mine works digging ever deeper into the roots of the mountains.[1]

With their Dwarfholds established across the World's Edge Mountains and far beyond, the Dawi prospered for many generations. But then came the War of The Beard, a devastating continent-spanning conflict with the High Elves. This decimated the Dwarf Empire, leaving the network of Dwarfholds weak, then their realm was riven by a chain of devastating earthquakes. That's when the Goblins and other things struck. The Dwarf's true enemies were revealed as the devious Goblins, who had for so long coveted the Dwarf's grand halls. Thus the golden age of Karaz Ankor - 'The Everlasting Realm' in the Dwarfish tongue of Khazalid - Ended.[1]

In recent times, they are a race barely holding onto glories past; with only a few strongholds remaining in Dwarf hands, the rest lost to enemies or abandoned to the elements.[1]

To this day the Dwarfs still fight; their ultimate goal is to restore their empire. With their belligerence, such a thing is possible. A Dwarf army or 'throng', is a powerful force, consisting of stoic Dwarf Warriors and using wonders of technological accomplishment that put all other races to shame. Gyrocopters and Gyrobombers fly above the battlefield while cannons fueled by flame and steam spew death. Dwarf do not call upon the Winds of Magic in the same way as Elves or men. To them, magic is a tangible thing, something that can be worked into axes, stone or even cannonballs. This is a rune magic and Runesmiths, the masters of the art, are adept at creating arcane devices and weapons of great power.[1]

It is with all these elements - stalwart Dwarfish hearts, exceptional armour and weaponry, and their unmatched machines - that High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer plans to retake his realm, slaying every last stinking Greenskin in his way! Few doubt his resolve, and for the first time in many generations, the Dwarfs are truly roused to battle - the Great Reckoning begins![1]

Starting RegionsEdit

  • Karaz-a-Karak


  • Can only capture territories belonging to Greenskins or other Dwarf Factions.
  • Grudges: Enemy actions result in Grudge Missions, all of which must be settled in order to acheive campaign victory.
  • Use 'Underway':Armies can choose to use the network of underground tunnels to avoid impassable terrain and enemy armies.


  • Durable Units with strong leadership.
  • Excellent range of strong artillery.
  • Strong economy and trade options.
  • Large technology tree, with both military and civic branches.
  • Magic resistance.
  • Expensive unit recruitment cost and upkeep.
  • No cavalry.
  • Small military unit sizes.
  • No magic.

Dwarf FactionsEdit

  • Zhufbar
  • Kraka Drak
  • Karak Ziflin
  • Karak Norin
  • Karak Hadrin
  • Karak Izor
  • Karak Hirin
  • Karak Azul
  • Barak Varr

Unit RosterEdit

Note that Legendary Lords, Lords and Heroes can be ‘Melee’, ‘Ranged’, ‘Caster’ or a hybrid mix of types. This indicates their ideal role on the battlefield.[2]

Legendary LordsEdit

  • High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer – Melee (Race Leader)
  • Ungrim Ironfist – Melee
  • Grombrindal The White Dwarf


  • Lord – Melee


  • Master Engineer – Ranged
  • Thane - Melee
  • Runesmith


  • Throne of Power (Thorgrim Only)

Melee InfantryEdit

  • Dwarf Warriors
  • Dwarf Warriors (Great Weapons)
  • Hammerers
  • Ironbreakers
  • Longbeards
  • Longbeards (Great Weapons)
  • Miners
  • Miners (Blasting Charges)
  • Slayers

Missile InfantryEdit

  • Quarrellers
  • Quarrellers (Great Axes)
  • Thunderers
  • Irondrakes
  • Irondrakes (Trollhammer Torpedo)


  • Gyrocopter (Steam Gun)
  • Gyrocopter (Brimstone Gun)
  • Gyrobomber


  • Cannon
  • Flame Cannon
  • Grudge Thrower
  • Organ Gun


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