Dutch Grenadiers
Dutch Grenadiers
Appears in Napoleon: Total War
Belongs to France
Type Elite Infantry
Ammunition 10
Soldiers in each unit 30/60/90/120
Melee attack 10
Charge bonus 17
Defense skill 14
Morale 12
Range 80
Accuracy 55
Reloading 85
Special abilities
Cost 990 SP/1130 MP
Upkeep 220
Turns to Train 4
Unit Cap 1
Dutch Grenadiers
The Dutch Grenadiers are elite infantry in Napoleon: Total War.


An elite and disciplined force, Dutch Grenadiers are skilled with muskets and with bayonets in close combat.

Dutch Grenadiers see themselves as elite soldiers and occupy the place of honor at the right of the line on parade. This sense of inherent worth helps to inspire other soldiers and instills a sense of pride in the troops. They are incredibly disciplined and can reload their weapons at breathtaking speed, discharging them with relatively good accuracy. Their extensive training makes them more expensive to raise than other infantry units but, like all foot soldiers, they must exercise sensible caution when facing heavy cavalry and skirmishers.

The Dutch Grenadiers became part of Napoleon’s army following his 1810 annexation of Holland. At that time they were the Dutch Royal Grenadiers, and the men of this regiment entered Paris in August of 1810. Napoleon reviewed the troops personally and was very impressed by the fine appearance of the men. They wore white coats faced with crimson, instead of the traditional dark blue worn by other senior regiments (later other units wore white, but this was because the British blockade affected dye supplies). The Guard Grenadiers were not as impressed however, and the first meeting of these two regiments ended in a near-riot. Their behavior was so appalling that they were forced to apologize to the general public for their rowdy and drunken antics.

General InformationEdit

Dutch Grenadiers are the best grenadiers in Napoleon: Total War (Velite Grenadiers are more numerous, but for game classification purposes aren't technically grenadiers due to their inability to throw grenades), and the only ones that can inspire nearby units. While they have fewer men in their regiment compared to line infantry or guards, their superb reloading skills puts their killing potential on par with that of guards despite the reduced firepower.

Despite their name, Dutch Grenadiers cannot be trained by the Batavian Republic and the United Netherlands.

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