Dialectics NTW
Prerequisite None
Research Points Needed 450
Building Needed Court of Appeals
Leads To Supreme Court
Stream Civil
  • +10% to technology research rate
  • +15 to diplomatic relations
Dialectics are a civil technology in Napoleon: Total War.


This new philosophical method of argument and counter-argument allows the exploration of many important ideas and questions.

Dialectics attempts to resolve the conflict between two opposing arguments without proving, or disproving, either argument. As a method of debate it teaches careful and considered reasoning; the idea can be applied equally to natural philosophy, politics, law, and life generally. Dialectics provide a bonus to diplomatic relations and a bonus to research rates; scientists are armed with a new intellectual tool. It also allows the building of the best available courts and universities.

The concept, in the West, can be traced back to the Greek scholars of antiquity. However, it was during the explosion of free-thinking during the Enlightenment that the technique of thinking was revisited. Thanks to the enquiring mind of Georg Hegel (1770-1831), dialectics and many other advances in the practice of philosophy were promulgated. He built a comprehensive frame work around philosophical thought that would help others to understand the complexities of the human mind and its connection with nature.

General InformationEdit

Dialectics' benefits are threefold: first, it is one of the few technologies (along with its prerequisite Metric System and Public Schooling) that increases technology rate. While Dialectics doesn't benefit research as much as the other technologies thanks to it being a late-game technology that is only accessible when most other technologies have already been researched, it's still helpful as the remaining late game technologies have a very long research time.

Second, Dialectics improves diplomatic relations. In the late game where it is available, Dialectics can help offset the negative effects of territorial expansion, acts of sabotage, and so on. Later, researching National Propaganda cancels out this effect in exchange for other benefits.

Finally, researching Dialectics is required for building the Supreme Court, which offers global benefits of repression and unlocks the final civil technologies, as well as the final tier of universities, granting one last boost in research rate. 

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