Wh dlc03 bst cygor
Type Special
Weapon(s) Hands, rocks
Ammunition 25
Soldiers in each unit 1
Melee Attack 44
Charge bonus 28
Hitpoints 8160
Armor 50
Defense skill 17
Morale 80
Range 400
Accuracy 10
Reloading 80
Cost 1600
Upkeep 400
Turns to Train ?
Unit Cap None

"Plagued by visions, Cygors are cursed to see the Winds of Chaos. Naturally, this makes them mad and extremely dangerous."

Cygor is a unit in Total War: Warhammer.


Cygors are distant cousins of Minotaurs but, because they hail from the most tainted of all the realms of the Old World, they have diverged greatly from their kin. They are huge, hideously malformed giants, each possessed of a single eye in the centre of its forehead. Through this eye the Cygor is cursed to see not the material realm that mortals perceive, but the ever-shifting Winds of Chaos as they blow through and around the indistinct, ghostly shapes that populate their world. Assailed by such visions since birth, Cygors are all quite mad. The sheer size and ferocity of a Cygor is terrifying enough to mortals, but those who know of their terrible hunger fear them above all else. To the mage, a Cygor is utterly fearsome, for he knows that of all the warriors on the field of battle it is him alone the Cygor wishes to catch in its gnarled and calloused hands, his flesh it wants to tear apart, and his soul it must devour to slake its unending thirst.


Total War WARHAMMER - Introducing..01:37

Total War WARHAMMER - Introducing... Cygor

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