In Total War: Rome II, Culture represents the dominant style, beliefs, and language in the area. Replacing the usual religion mechanic, culture can be spread through the use of dignitaries. Unlike previous Total War titles, there is a new Culture Victory, which requires possessing certain provinces, a certain number of settlements with a cultural majority, researching all techs, and building wonders.

Settlements possess a culture percentage. Depending on the faction, public order can be strengthened or weakened by importing culture, depending how the faction views foreign influences. Dignitaries are able to increase the penalties to public order through their actions. Settlements who have completely flipped cultures are likely ready to rebel.


Main Factions

  • Latin: Rome
  • Punic: Carthage
  • Hellenistic: Athens, Sparta, Epirus, Macedon, Seleucids, Egypt, Pontus, Baktria, Pergamon, Syracuse, Massilia, Cimmeria, Colchis
  • Celtic: Arverni, Iceni, Boii, Galatia, Tylis, Nervii
  • Germanic: Suebi
  • Eastern: Parthia, Armenia
  • Iberian: Arevaci, Lusitani
  • Nomad: Royal Scythia, Roxolani, Massagetae
  • Balkan: Getae, Odrysian Kingdom, Ardiaei

Sub-Faction Only

  • Desert