Crypt Horrors
Wh main vmp crypt horrors
Type Melee Infantry
Weapon(s) Claws
Soldiers in each unit 12
Melee Attack 30
Charge bonus 30
Hitpoints 640
Armor 30
Defense skill 28
Morale 44
Cost 800
Upkeep 200
Turns to Train ?
Unit Cap None

"Monstrous, mutated and savage, a Crypt Horror is devastating against the enemy frontline."


Crypt Horrors are only seen openly in times of war, where they are primarily used as the shock troops of ambitious Strigoi Ghoul Kings. Crypt Ghouls are counted amongst the lowliest of all Vampiric servants; after all, they lack even the common decency to be properly dead. So the sight of pack of Crypt Horrors accompanying a Vampire to battle is evidence of the terrible depths that their master has sunk to in his quest for survival. In order to create a Crypt Horror, a Vampire must open his veins to a Ghoul and allow it to gulp down his precious blood - essentially a pale bastardisation of the Dark Kiss - an act that is reviled by those who count themselves amongst the elite of Sylvanian society. In battle, packs of Crypt Horrors muscle their way towards the front lines, eyes glowing with dire light. They used shattered gravestones, tomb statuary and cemetery railings to smash aside those brave enough to stand before them, but it is their meat-encrusted fangs and talons that are to be avoided at all costs. Even a shallow wound from a Crypt Horror bears enough poisonous rot to kill a horse. Despised by the living and the dead alike, Crypt Horrors are creatures to be truly feared.

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