Crossbow Militia (Teutonic Order)
Teutonic Crossbow Militia
Appears in Kingdoms
Belongs to Teutonic Order
Type Crossbow infantry
Weapon(s) Crossbow
Soldiers in each unit 60
Attack skill 3 (melee)

9 (missile)

Charge bonus 1
Hitpoints 1
Armor 0
Defense skill 2
Shield bonus 0
Special abilities Effective against armor; Combat bonus in woods or snow;
Cost 290

Crossbow Militia are inexpensive units formed to protect settlements. Being able to train townsfolk quickly in the use of the crossbow allows these units to be garrisoned frequently and the stopping power of the crossbow can make their withering fire lethal. Poorly armoured, it is just as well crossbow militia are expected to hide behind defensive walls.

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