Crimean Khanate
The Crimean Khanate is a minor faction in Empire: Total War.

Starting PositionEdit

Basics at startEdit

  • Protectorate of – Ottoman Empire
  • Allies – None
  • Trade Partners – Ottoman Empire
  • Enemies – Russia, Pirates
  • Religion – Islam
  • Government – Absolute Monarchy
  • Ruler – Devlet I (Tsar)
  • Population – 109,670
  • Prosperity – Destitute
  • Prestige – Feeble
  • Treasury – 7500
  • Technology – None
  • Imams – None
  • Hashishins – Alam Abbasi (Crimea)
  • Scholars – None

Europe TheatreEdit

Bakhchisaray, CrimeaEdit
  • Starting Buildings – Military Governor’s Encampment
  • Infrastructure – Not Developed
  • Population – 109,670
  • Wealth – 1850
  • Religion – Islam 60.0%, Orthodox 40.0%
  • Starting Towns/PortsNemyriv Farmland (Peasant Farms), Rog Mines (Iron Mine), Donetsk Farmland (Peasant Farms), Sevastopol (Trading Port)
  • Later Villages/PortsOdessa (Port), Czerkasy (Village), Kerch (Village)

Unit RosterEdit

The Crimean Khanate has a tiny unit roster: its only infantry are Cossack Infantry, it has no artillery, a small selection of light and irregular cavalry, and the only ships it can make are galleys, light galleys, and indiamen. This puts it at a major disadvantage against other factions, particularly hostile Russia.

General InformationEdit

The Crimean Khanate is an Ottoman protectorate and are often at war with Russia. In the Grand Campaign, they are almost immediately invaded by Russia. Should the Russians succeed, they gain a valuable port with which to engage commerce and to ferry troops. Thus, though the Crimean Khanate is not potent militarily, its fate is important to Russia--as well as Russia's enemies, Sweden and especially the Ottoman Empire.

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