Complete Annexation
Complete Annexation
Prerequisite None
Research Points Needed
Building Needed Supreme Court
Leads To None
Stream Civil
  • -1 happiness (all classes)
  • +15% bonus to global tax rate
Complete Annexation is a type of civil technology in Napoleon: Total War.


Complete annexation will provide a hefty tax bonus and increase the resistance to other foreign occupiers.

Annexing a country is an excellent way to show its conquered peoples that their new government is here to stay. Winning the hearts and minds of the locals is a large portion of winning a war and can make controlling a country significantly easier. Complete annexation provides an excellent bonus to your income and increases the resistance to future foreign occupation in French-occupied territories.

Opposition to the French and their godless Revolution was always strong in Spain, particularly in Catalonia. The Spanish War of Independence saw the people of Spain rise to defend their country from the foreign invaders. In an attempt to quell Spanish distrust Napoleon annexed Catalonia into the French Empire in 1812. He even declared Catalan to be the official language in a vain attempt to placate the locals, but all to no avail. The idea was sound, but the Catalans were having none of it. Guerrilla activity persisted in the area right up until 1814 when Wellington signed the armistice that drove the French from many of their strongholds in Spain, including Catalonia.

General InformationEdit

Complete Annexation grants a substantial increase to taxation rate, greatly increasing wealth generated per turn. However, this comes at the cost of a small penalty to happiness throughout all French-controlled regions. In the singleplayer campaign, this is of little consequence: Complete Annexation is the last civil technology, requiring a Supreme Court, and by the time it is available any French regions should be well in control. In the multiplayer campaign, however, Complete Annexation can weaken France's tenuous grip on the peninsula, giving its enemies a better chance to fight back. 

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