Classical University is a type of research building in Napoleon: Total War.


This is a bastion of learning and academic thought, where the arts, theology and sciences are carefully taught.

A university offers young men from good families a fine education, and the chance to study the greatest achievements of mankind. As a result there is a chance that, each turn, this university may produce a gentleman, a useful agent for his nation. The faculty also aids research into new technologies, but may produce a wish for reform among the people; even though the university is socially conservative, it cannot keep all progressive thoughts away from its students.

A good education was useful for those who wished to make their way in the world using talent as well as family connections. A young gentleman's studies were wide ranging, and not tied to any particular subject area: an awarded degree or doctorate was proof enough of some intellectual achievement. Historically, the established church in many countries had established the universities, and continued to run them. This meant that the university as a body rarely challenged the established order of things; the teachers and students both had vested interests in the status quo. While wild, threatening ideas about the world and the way it should work did emerge, the universities were rarely radical or revolutionary breeding grounds.


Requires 3,000 gold, 6 turns and an existing College. Can be upgraded into Modern Universities.

Classical University NTW
  • -2 happiness. Clamour for reform
  • Conducts technology research. Points per turn: 20
  • Improves faction-wide research. Points per turn: 1
  • Spawns gentlemen. Maximum number: +2

Unlike their successors, Modern Universities, Classical Universities are immediately available as an upgrade over the college that all the playable factions start with in the Europe campaign. However, they are very costly for early game buildings and provide no direct, immediate economic benefit. The price is nonetheless well worth it in the long run, as Classical Universities conduct research twice as quickly as colleges, benefit colleges faction-wide, and spawn more gentlemen.

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