Citizen Recruitment Incentives
Citizen Recruitment Incentives NTW
Prerequisite None
Research Points Needed
Building Needed Court of Appeals
Leads To None
Stream Civil
  • Recruitment capacity (units in training): 1
  • +5% to replenishment rates in all your regions
Citizen Recruitment Initiatives are a civil technology in Napoleon: Total War.


Recruiting troops is easier as the number of unit slots in coastal regions is increased by one, as patriotism ignites the public imagination.

Fighting for your country, winning glory and honour, wearing a smart uniform, and attracting the ladies are all good reasons to “take the colours” and join an army. The promise of regular meals might also help. There are, of course, genuine patriots among the lower social orders, but many traditional jobs are disappearing as new factories appear in towns, and working men must do something if they are to eat. Harnessing them to the army is one solution.

In Britain at least there were some safeguards to prevent men being kidnapped by unscrupulous recruiting parties. A man would have to accept the “King’s Shilling”, a nominal sum of money that was part of his signing bounty. Accounts that the shilling would be passed over in drinks to half-drunken recruits as an elaborate game of tag are later exaggerations. Recruits knew that they would be offered the shilling, along with a drink or two, but they didn’t have to accept. Recruiters weren’t above embroidering the truth about army life, particularly on the subject of riches to be won, but recruits did have to go before a magistrate to attest that they were joining the army. A recruiter who returned to his regiment with too many resentful, hung-over, potential deserters would not be thanked for his pains.

General InformationEdit

Available to France and Great Britain, Citizen Recruitment Initiatives improve replenishment rates somewhat.

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