Chosen Axemen (Germans)
German Chosen Axemen
Appears in Rome: Total War
Belongs to Germans
Type Heavy infantry
Weapon(s) Double-handed axe
Soldiers in each unit 81
Attack skill 18
Charge bonus 5
Hitpoints 1
Armor 0
Defense skill 6
Special abilities Warcry improves attack; Expert at hiding in woods; Effective against armour; Combat bonus in woods or snow; Excellent morale; May charge without orders; Good stamina
Cost 580
Upkeep 200

Double-handed axes are intimidating weapons, especially in the hands of chosen axemen. These men can hack a hole in almost any enemy battle line. Chosen axemen are an elite among tribal warriors, selected for their physical size, strength, bravery and - some would say - pig-headedness. They are the assault troops of any barbarian army, the men whose only job is to smash any organised resistance and keep on killing until no foes remain. Fear is completely alien to them, as is any concept of mercy to a foe or a weakling among their own kind. They are fantastically strong men - and need to be to wield their enormous two-handed axes with any degree of skill and control.

The axes are easily capable of cleaving a man down to his breastbone even through armour. Chosen axemen themselves disdain armour as a sign of cowardice.