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"Why would Baal send such a vision? He is not cruel, he has watched over us, we have had victories aplenty in war"

-Carthaginian leader

Carthage represents one of the many playable factions in Rome: Total War.

Background InformationEdit


Carthage, based in North Africa (in present-day Tunisia), started out as a great and prosperous city state in the 9th century BC. By tradition, the city had been founded by Queen Dido, who had fled the city of Tyre in Phoenicia (in present-day Lebanon and Palestine) after her husband was killed by her brother. Even in the days of legend there was a link to Rome, because Aeneas of Troy (in present-day Turkey), the father to the Romans, was the lover to Dido and then abandoned her. In her grief she killed herself, cursing Aeneas and his descendants as she died.

Carthage continued to flourish, a Phoenician colony that outgrew and surpassed its parent land.

Carthage is best known for the actions of Hannibal in the Second Punic War. Hannibal amassed an army in Spain and marched his army through the Alps into Italy in an attempt to capture Rome itself. After a string of victories Hannibal expended his funding from the Carthaginian council. Much to his displeasure he was forced to end the war.

Carthage Start

The Carthaginian Empire as presented in Rome: Total War

Following the war Rome consolidated its power. When Carthage in turn grew in strength Rome demanded Hannibal go in exile. Years later, in Turkey, Hannibal commited suicide.

At the end of the Third Punic War, in 147 B.C. Rome launched an attack on Carthage and effectively annihilating the city as a civilian settlement.

In the following millennia many countries and states have taken the title of Carthage but the classical Carthaginian state is accepted to have been destroyed at this time.

Gameplay Notes/TriviaEdit

  • The wide mix of Carthaginian military units have their own unique flaws and advantages. Mercenaries are easily recruited from nearby regions to bolster the imperial armies, while the local spearmen and war elephants are of unusually strong martial prowess. Perhaps the most easily exploited weakness in Carthage, however, is the kingdom's lack of proper military emphasis on ranged or cavalry units, giving most Eastern factions in Rome: Total War a definite advantage over them
Unique units include sacred band long shield cavalry and poini infantry
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Carthaginian Units

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