For the Napoleon: Total War version, see Carronade Frigate (Napoleon: Total War).

Carronade Frigate Icon
Carronade Frigate
Carronade Frigate
Belongs to Most factions
Crew 79
Guns 24 (12 on each side)
Firepower 984
Range 300
Accuracy 60
Reloading skill 40
Hull strength 2716
Speed 21
Maneuverability Medium
Tech requirement Carronades
Produced from Drydock
Cost 1160 SP/820 MP
Upkeep 290

The Carronade Frigate is a ship type in Empire: Total War.


Carronade frigates are single-deck vessels, with extremely impressive short-range firepower.

Normally frigates would be armed with long guns, probably no larger than 12-pounders. A few short-barrelled 64-pounder carronades might be aboard to give a close-in broadside more weight of shot. A carronade frigate goes one better, and carries nothing but carronades – short guns that are half the weight of the equivalent conventional cannon. While the weight of a broadside is truly awesome, the frigate has to get in close in order to blow an enemy to smithereens thanks to the carronades’ limited range. A clever enemy will stay out of range of the carronades’ horrendous power and take long range pot shots.

Historically, only the Royal Navy experimented with an all-carronade armament aboard HMS Glatton (in service from 1795). Glatton carried 28 64-pounder and 28 32-pounder carronades, giving a weight of fire that was more than 17% greater than HMS Victory could deliver at the Battle of Trafalgar! This massive firepower allowed her, on one occasion, to chase all eight vessels in a French squadron back into port. Oddly enough, the next two vessels to carry the name “Glatton” in RN service were also massively over-armed.

General InformationEdit

Carronade frigates are entirely armed with carronades. These powerful, short-ranged weapons pack a mighty punch, smashing hulls with their oversize round shot. However, this destructive force comes at a penalty, and carronade frigates have only three-fifths the range of a standard frigate. Thankfully, carronade frigates are fairly speedy ships and handle well. Defensively, carronade frigates are rather sturdy ships for their size, but they may have a problem both attacking and retreating due to their inferior range.

Some factions' ship statistics are different from others; differences are listed below (traits that to not differ are not listed).

Type Accuracy Reload Skill Hull Strength Speed Morale Cost Upkeep
Standard 60 40 2716 18 8 1160 290
France 70 40 2790 19 8 1310 320

Great Britain

60 55 2856 18 9 1170 290
Spain 60 40 2716 18 8 1150 280
United States 60 50 2856 18 9 1120 280
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