Call to Arms
Call to Arms NTW
Prerequisite None
Research Points Needed
Building Needed Drill School
Leads To None
Stream Military
  • -20% recruitment cost for auxiliaries across all regions
Call to Arms are a technology in The Peninsular Campaign.


Encouraging enlistment as a patriotic duty reduces recruitment costs for auxiliary regiments.

Emphasising the prestige and honour gained through military service will make enlistment appear desirable. Men can be recruited from the local people of the battle area, and trained to fight as auxiliary regiments. If the appeal to join the colours is pitched correctly, many will join up to protect their homes and country. Funding, training officers and weapons will still have to be found, of course, but this is cheaper and easier than transporting troops from home.

During the Peninsular War, British forces fought alongside Portuguese regiments, holding them in high regard. Portugal did have a longstanding alliance with Britain, and flourishing trade links. Napoleon’s invasion sparked mass revolts by loyal Portuguese people. Britain was able to capitalise on Portuguese hatred of the French by supplying arms, equipment and officers. The Portuguese provided the men, and created British-style line regiments, complete with Portuguese bravado and a desire to “have at the French."

General InformationEdit

Call to Arms dramatically reduces the training costs of auxiliaries, who are already generally cheaper than conventional British units by default. While they are mostly statistically inferior, Call to Arms makes auxiliaries more easily replaceable once lost.

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