Cadenced Marching
Etw military army cadenced marching
Prerequisite Square Formation
Research Points Needed
Building Needed Drill School
Leads To None
Stream Military, Military
Cadenced Marching is a military Technology in Empire: Total War.


Marching to a beat unifies the movement of soldiers, and makes it possible to more accurately measure pace.

Originally drums were not carried onto the battlefield to provide musical accompaniment to the business of killing. They were there as a "repeater" system for the shouted orders, as it was obvious that a single voice would be lost in the murderous hubbub of battle. However, it was soon realised that a regular beat was useful in teaching men how to load, present and fire their muskets. From that idea it is a short step to making sure that soldiers are trained to do everything to a regular beat, including marching. Drummers, originally intended only to beat a coded tattoo for particular orders, can also keep time for a whole regiment. With cadenced marching, a unit no longer ambles to its destination, it steps out with determination! A cunning colonel can even up the pace and have his men cover more ground by having the drummers beat a little faster!

Historically, many colonels of infantry regiments did pay for bands out of their own pockets, knowing that music could lift the spirits of "the lads" as surely as a bottle of gin.

General InformationEdit

Infantry form the backbone of most armies, and by default have some of the lowest movement ranges on the campaign map. As their movement range is usually the limiting factor of most armies, this technology helps improve the overall mobility of armies on the campaign map. 

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