British Heavy Chariots (Britons)
Briton British Heavy Chariots
Appears in Rome: Total War
Belongs to Britons
Type Chariots
Soldiers in each unit 36
Attack skill 13
Charge bonus 7
Hitpoints 3
Armor 0
Defense skill 1
Special abilities Special attack; Combat bonus in snow; Frighten nearby enemy infantry; Excellent morale; May charge without orders; Fast moving
Cost 580
Upkeep 190

Heavy chariots are an elite in British armies ridden into battle by tribal nobles. They are shock troops, relying on speed and shock to break enemy formations.

Every man carries a fine sword, and is equipped with a good mail coat and a shield, while his chariot is pulled by two horses.

They perform the same function as heavy cavalry, charging home to cause casualties before wheeling away to launch a fresh attack. Any infantry foolish enouch to stand in the way are ridden down, hacked into pieces by the rider! However, like many barbarians they can sometimes let greed for personal honour and glory lead them into attacking without orders.