For the Empire: Total War version of this unit, see Brig (Empire: Total War).

Brig NTW
Appears in Napoleon: Total War
Belongs to Nearly all factions
Crew 81
Guns 26 (12 on each side, 2 stern chasers)
Firepower 432
Range 500 (round shot)/350 (chain shot)/150 (grape shot)
Accuracy 70
Reloading skill 60
Hull strength 170
Speed 25 (27)
Maneuverability High
Morale 8
Produced from Dockyard
Cost 250
Upkeep 60
Turns to Train 3
Unit Cap None
Brig NTW Icon
The Brig is a type of light ship in Napoleon: Total War.


A brig is a lightly-armed, two-masted sailing ship, with exceptional handling and sailing qualities.

In the hands of a good master, a brig is a handy little ship, and can almost turn in its own length. The square-rigged sails allow precise control. A good helmsman can swiftly bob in and out of range of larger, deadlier ships whose cannons could demolish the brig’s weak hull. This manoeuvrability makes up for the light armament, which consists of only 6-pounder cannons, which have little real firepower in naval terms.

Historically, the United States Navy favoured brigs, particularly on the Great Lakes. Brigs, like the USS Argus, also gave a brave account of themselves against the Barbary Pirates along the North African coast. United States traders had suffered at the hands of the pirates after the Revolution; the Barbary Pirates had an agreement to leave British and British colonial ships alone, but after the successful rebellion, they considered the newly-flagged American ships to be fair game. Today, a brig is more commonly understood to be a ship’s prison cells, a usage that is probably due to the US Navy’s use of brigs as prison hulks.

General InformationEdit

Brigs are extremely lightly armed, fast, and maneuverable ships. While they are very agile and are therefore difficult to catch and destroy, the low number and low firepower of their cannons mean that they only pose a serious threat to other small ships; the damage they can inflict on heavier ships is negligible. Owing to their open decks, brigs are more susceptible to grape shot than any other ship type. 

Brigs are some of the earliest ships that have stern chasers, allowing them to fire on pursuers, albeit with only a few weak cannons. Their cheap cost make them ideal for transporting armies and agents in safe waters. With top gallants obtained, brigs are the fastest non-steam powered ship in combat. They also become unparalleled in their ability to transport troops, with a longer map movement range than any other ship. Sloops beat them without top gallants in both battles and map movement range, however.

In contrast to Empire: Total War, where brigs are commonly built by the A.I, brigs are very rarely fielded in Napoleon: Total War. Certain factions, such as Denmark, Portugal, and the Ottoman Empire, begin the Europe Campaign with one brig.

Some factions' ship statistics are different from others; differences are listed below (traits that to not differ are not listed).

Faction Accuracy Reloading Hull Strength Speed Morale Cost
France 80 60 170 26 8 270 SP/310 MP
Great Britain 70 70 180 25 10 250 SP/280 MP
General 70 60 170 25 8 260 SP/300 MP
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