Bonapartist Propaganda
Bonapartist Propaganda NTW
Prerequisite Afrancescado Propaganda
Research Points Needed
Building Needed Court of Justice
Leads To None
Stream Civil
  • +1 to persuasion for provocateurs or priests converting regions to your political alignment
  • +5% to chance of spawning provocateurs
  • +5% to replenishment rates in all your regions
Bonapartist Propaganda is a civil technology in The Peninsular Campaign.


Gaining the approval and support of the public can be greatly improved by the careful manipulation and control of the press and public opinion.

Mastering the art of presenting the truth can be crucial to securing political power. This management of the public discourse will increase the percentage of replenishment for all French units. There is no guarantee a war will be popular and it is important to have the support of a people if victory is to be attained. Armies require a constant supply of fresh troops and will quickly dwindle without willing patriots. Control of what is reported and its presentation gives a canny leader the chance to make failure sound like heroic bravery!

Part of Napoleon’s genius was in recognising the utility of the popular press and how to control it to suit his own purposes. Early dispatches and military newspapers from his Egyptian campaign not only kept the French army’s morale high, but also served to raise Napoleon’s public image. He was, as a result, greeted as a hero on his return home. He eventually owned several newspapers, publishing his own articles under pseudonyms and censoring anything that could be damaging. All this served his political ambitions and he became Emperor of France with the full support of the French population.

General InformationEdit

Bonapartist Propaganda improves the effectiveness of French provocateurs, allowing them to more rapidly convert regions to pro-French sentiments. As provocateurs are in limited supply at the beginning of the campaign, and as most of the map is rife with anti-French sentiment, researching this technology can greatly aid France in maintaining control of the Iberian Peninsula.

Fittingly, Anti-French Propaganda functions in the exact opposite way, and if the same number of pro and anti-French agents are in the same region with both these technologies researched, they effectively cancel each other out.


The description text of Bonapartist Propaganda states that it impacts French priests; however, priests are only available to Spain and Portugal.

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