The Bedouin are a faction in Napoleon: Total War. They appear exclusively in the Egyptian Campaign.

General InformationEdit

The Bedouin inhabit the desert regions of the map to the far south and the far west. The large size of these regions, coupled with their lack of roads or towns and the attrition French troops face when in them, make attacking the Bedouins a difficult proposition. On the other hand, the long borders of the Mameluke territories allows them to attack multiple regions with impunity. 

The Bedouin are hostile to France by default and they cannot be negotiated with when playing as France. The Bedouin come into conflict with the Ottoman Empire occasionally.

The Bedouin's geographic strengths are countered by the poor quality of their armies. With the exception of the melee mobs that automatically spawn when defending their region capitals, Bedouin troops consist entirely of camels, making them easy prey for artillery and musket fire. 


The Bedouin have the smallest unit roster in the game: they may only recruit Camel Gunners and Camel Warriors. When their region capitals are attacked, they also field mobs of Armed Populace. Their complete lack of conventional cavalry, infantry, or artillery make them a usually easy faction to fight against, although they hold advantages such as being resistant to heat fatigue and scaring enemy horses. 

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