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The Battle of the Nile is a historical battle in Napoleon: Total War.


The Battle of the Nile or Aboukir Bay (August 1-2, 1798) enabled the British Navy to take the upper hand in the Mediterranean, destroying the French fleet and stranding Napoleon and his army in Egypt.


Egypt is not enough. Beyond: the road to India and the crushing of British hopes there. I told lies, I schemed, I got my army to Egypt. But “Perfidious Albion” does not like cleverness in others, and they fell upon my fleet in Aboukir Bay.

Pre-Battle TextEdit

Napoleon: August 1st, 1798: Anchored off the coast of Alexandria, my fleet is under the command of Francois-Paul Brueys d'Aigeliers. The ships are in the shallow waters of Aboukir Bay to defend the gateway to Egypt.

To the northwest, in the open sea, a superior British fleet lies in wait under the command of Horatio Nelson.

An attack from the British is inevitable, but only a great Admiral would risk his ships in the shallow waters at night.

We must protect Alexandria at all costs and expect an attack in the morning.

Victory TextEdit

Napoleon: The British, then, are not as cunning as they think. Their seamanship also leaves a little to be desired.

Defeat TextEdit

Napoleon: What use is a fleet in a sea of sand? I have lost when I say I have lost!

General InformationEdit

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 8.29.19 PM

Map of initial deployment. British ships are red, and French ships are blue. The wind is blowing roughly easterly.

Winning the Battle of Arcole is required to unlock the Battle of the Nile.

The player controls the French fleet in an engagement against a British fleet. The French have the advantage in both quality and quantity: they have 10 ships to Great Britain's 8, and the French has largely superior ships, particularly its mighty 122-gun Ship-of-the-Line flagship. The French navy is somewhat upwind of the British navy, allowing it to fall back further if things go awry. In addition to the large number of frontline battle ships, the French fleet also have two frigates, which can be used to harass from a distance and hunt down retreating British ships.

Defeating the British at the Battle of the Nile or the Battle of the Pyramids unlocks the Battle of Trafalgar and the Battle of Austerlitz.


French Navy

British Navy

  • HMS Vanguard, 74-gun Third Rate
  • HMS Goliath, 74-gun Third Rate
  • HMS Defence, 74-gun Third Rate
  • HMS Theseus, 74-gun Third Rate
  • HMS Orion, 74-gun Third Rate
  • HMS Bellerophan, 74-gun Third Rate
  • HMS Majestic, 74-gun Third Rate
  • HMS Swiftsure, 74-gun Third Rate

The Battle of the Nile is also available in multiplayer, with identical unit compositions to the singleplayer version of the battle.

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