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The Battle of Waterloo is a historical battle in Napoleon: Total War. It was Napoleon's final battle before he lost and was sent to his second and final exile. There are three versions of Waterloo that may be played in Napoleon: Total War: two French versions (one in Napoleon's Campaigns and one in Napoleon's Battles) and one version where the player plays as the British, instead. In all versions, the Prussians will arrive sometime during the middle of the battle to tip the balance of power towards the British.


Narration (Napoleon's Campaigns)Edit

A Russian winter: only a widow’s heart is colder. Soldiers died in the saddle. Their horses died beneath them. The Grand Army died. The vultures gathered. Our enemies formed the Sixth Coalition - the sixth! - against Napoleon, against one man! We fought. It was not enough. In April 1814, Napoleon renounced the throne...time seemed to stop. Tiny Elba was to be his island empire. He stayed 10 months. In Spring 1815 Napoleon came home. He had no choice but to march on Paris. The worthless Bourbon king fled. Destiny awoke! Europe turned against us. Napoleon was “an enemy and disturber of the tranquillity of the world.” War was forced on us. The Emperor made his plans: go north, destroy the British and the Prussians separately, before they could meet. It would work. It had to work. The British made their stand on the Brussels road. Waterloo. French cannons and bayonets would carry the day. Then it began to rain. Napoleon had wanted dry ground - he could not not manoeuvre his artillery in the mud. On that June morning, Napoleon spoke to us: "This day will decide the destiny of Europe. This day is everything. If we lose, we have nothing." Once again, the cannons would speak.

Narration (Napoleon's Battles)Edit

I must trust Grouchy to keep the Prussians on the run. Ney: he has forced the enemy to go north. We followed at their heels. And now, there is this English general, this Wellington. They tell me he was good, in Spain. Beaten men would say that. Is he as good as me? We shall see.

Pre-Battle TextEdit

Napoleon: June 18th, 1815: This will be Wellington's final encounter, with me. Having chosen his field of battle, the British will need to make use of their farmhouses, but Hougoumont on my far left will be mine by nightfall.

In my centre: La Hay Sainte currently lies in the hands of the ill equipped Allied Dutch.

And on my extreme right: Papellotte, this is a excellent base to mount an attack on the British from.

Wellington's main army however, occupies the northern part of the plains of Mont-Saint-Jean, laying in wait behind a sunken lane. This gives him a strategic advantage over me and I will need to take some care when ordering an attack here.

I have sent Grouchy to pursue the Prussians. He must hound them. But will he send word? Grouchy! Grouchy! He tries my patience.

Victory Text Edit

Napoleon: A great victory! What man dare deny that this is a triumph of arms unmatched in our people's history?

Victory NarrationEdit

Waterloo: by nightfall, the only Englishmen on the field were dead, dying or captive. France was safe. The Emperor was triumphant. This was his greatest victory. I do not think France will see his like again. I pray that it is never necessary. Glory like that can only be survived once. Some men live and die in the shade of their olive trees. Some men change the world.

"My true title of glory is that I will live forever."

Defeat TextEdit

Napoleon: Damned rain! Damned Wellington! I deny him the satisfaction of calling this a victory! I will fight on!

Defeat NarrationEdit

Waterloo: by nightfall, even the Old Guard was running. Dear God! That such a thing could happen! Surrender was bitter: exile to St. Helena, a speck of rock ? I do not like to think of it. Remembered glories are sour, by their very nature. Some men live and die in the shade of their olive trees. Some change the world, even in defeat.

"Death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die daily."

General InformationEdit

The French start with a geographical disadvantage against the British, who have higher ground, Chevaux de Frise placed near much of their infantry, three garrisoned houses between them and the French, and riflemen hidden in the woods at the bases of the hills the main body of the army is located. While the French have better quality troops, including a few regiments of highly experienced guards and a superior number of cavalry, the British are reinforced a few minutes into the battle by the Prussians on the right side of the map, giving them the advantage in numbers. While the Prussian army is relatively small, consisting only of a few musketeers, cannon, cavalry and Landwehr, they can play a pivotal role in defeating Napoleon, particularly if his troops are already depleted and tired from fighting the British.

Unlike most houses in Napoleon: Total War, the houses on the map are practically indestructible by cannon. The British troops inside must be either lured out, or fought indoors.

Fighting as the BritishEdit

The British, making do with inferior troops (particularly their inferior Dutch troops) both in terms of quality and quantity, have the advantage of defending in a geographically superior area. The French send their troops in three waves: first, a general advance with their fusiliers of line, then a cavalry charge led by Michel Ney, and then finally committing the Old Guard. The Prussians enter the field at a much later stage than in the French versions of the battle, generally well after the Old Guard enter the fray, and come in at an entry point much farther to the south. 

Unlike the French version of the battle, the houses can be destroyed, and are targeted by the French artillery. 

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