Francis Pavia

The French King, Francis I

The Battle of Pavia is a battle that occurred in northern Italy, at Mirabello park, near Pavia. It features in Medieval II: Total War as a historical battle. You take the role of an army of the Holy Roman Empire supported by a Spanish army, as it tries to relieve the besieged city of Pavia.


Charles de Lannoy (Holy Roman Empire)Edit

Holy Roman Empire Pavia

The army of the Holy Roman Empire is composed of a few units of heavy infantry, a few of pikemen, a few of arquebusiers and the heavy cavalry that form the General's Bodyguard.

Fernando d'Avalos? (the commander is unnamed ingame) (Spanish)Edit

Spain Pavia

The Spanish army is composed of a few units of light infantry, a few of pikemen, one unit of cannons and a unit of heavy cavalry. They also have several musketeers, but they are positioned to assist the Holy Roman force.

Francis I of France (French)Edit

France Pavia

The French army is composed of heavy infantry with several pikemen, supported by two artillery positions, crossbowmen, archers and heavy cavalry.

In HistoryEdit

In 1494, France's attempts to seize the crown of Naples had begun a cycle of conflicts known as the Italian Wars. Some 30 years later, the war still smouldered on, France's attention turned to the wealthiest Italian state, Milan.

German-Spanish Pavia

The combined army of the Holy Roman Empire and Spain

Francis, the new King of France, launched a campaign headlong into the State of Milan, desperate to drive out the Imperial armies. In 1522 France suffered a bitter defeat at the hands of the Holy Roman Empire. In 1524, France returned and drove the Imperial garrison from Milan. Only one last Imperial bastion remained, the nearby city of Pavia.

With ownership of the city of Milan in sight, King Francis pauses to rest and hunt before pressing on to Pavia and a final showdown with the Imperial Forces.

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