Battle of Okehazama
Appears in Total War: Shogun 2
Date May-June 1560
Objective(s) 1. Kill all the camp patrols
2. Defeat the Imagawa
Time limit 50 min.
Result Oda victory
Oda Mon Oda Clan Yoshimoto Mon Imagawa Clan
Commanders and leaders
Oda Nobunaga Imagawa Yoshimoto
Ii Naomori
 ???? (ingame) 2,500 (historically)  ???? (ingame) 35,000 (historically)
Casualties and losses
- -
The Battle of Okehazama was a battle between the Oda Clan and the Imagawa Clan. Oda Nobunaga was attacked by the army of Imagawa Yoshimoto, whose forces were highly outnumbering. However, Oda used his wits to defeat the Imagawa.

Ingame SummaryEdit

Oda Nobunaga dispatches out the cavalry, which you will command. The goal is to attack the Imagawa patrols, two Katana Samurai and one Katana Cavalry regiment. When all are beaten, you assume command of the entire army with the goal of defeating the Imagawa and also attacking Yoshimoto's blue-and-red striped tent. Ii Naomori appears if the battle is realized to protect Yoshimoto. All you have to do is capture the base or eliminate all of the regiments of the enemy. Afterwards, the battle is won.

Historical InformationEdit

Nobunaga left a small force at the temple with a large number of banners to give the impression that this was the location of his main force. Meanwhile, Oda's main force (about 1,500 men) moved through the forest undetected to the rear of the Imagawa army.

The Imagawa samurai did not expect an attack, and that afternoon was very hot. The histories say that the Imagawa were celebrating their recent victories with song, dance, and sake. An afternoon rainstorm further aided Oda's soldiers who arrived at the Imagawa camp just as the rains came down (this was the afternoon of 12 June).

When the storm passed, Nobunaga's men poured into the camp from the north, and the Imagawa warriors lost all discipline and fled from the attackers. This left their commander's tent undefended, and the Oda warriors closed in rapidly. Imagawa Yoshimoto, unaware of what had transpired, heard the noise and emerged from his tent shouting at his men to quit their drunken revelry and return to their posts. By the time he realized, moments later, that the samurai before him were not his own, it was far too late. He deflected one samurai's spear thrust, but was beheaded by another. The defeat of the Imagawa in Okehazama, would not only lead to the clans downfall, but would give rise to a young Oda Nubunaga who would then be one of three unifiers in Japan,  and would also give rise to the Imagawa vassel clan, the Tokugawa led by the future shogun of Japan, Tokugawa Ieyasu.

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