Battle of Kizugawaguchi
Appears in Total War: Shogun 2
Battle of Kizugawaguchi
Two Mori clan ships attack an O Ataka Bune of the Oda clan.
Date 1578
Objective(s) Defeat the Oda fleet.
Result Oda victory
Mori mon Mori Clan Oda Mon Oda Clan
Commanders and leaders
Murakami Takayoshi Kuki Yoshitaka
Nine ships(ingame)
600 ships (Historically)
Six ships(ingame)
Six Ships (Historically)
The Battle of Kizugawaguchi was a battle between the naval forces of the Mori Clan and the Oda Clan. When Oda Nobunaga besieged the Ikko Ikki stronghold of Ishiyama Hongan-Ji, the Mori fleet arrived to defeat the blockade of supplies. The Oda fleet completely annihilated the Mori force who had faster ships, but weaker, with their O Ataka Bune ships.


In 1576, Oda Nobunaga besieged the stronghold of the rebellious Ikko Ikki warrior monks, hoping to end their opposition against his rule. The monks had powerful allies in the Mori Clan, and he would have to prevent Mori supplies reaching the Ikko Ikki if he was to be victorious. Mori naval superiority triumphed in the first battle, but Oda made a second attempt, this time with six specially constructed O Ataka Bune vessels. These ships were giants covered in iron plating, and gave him victory, despite their unfortunate tendency to capsize in action!

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