Philip Cynoscephalae

The Macedonian King, Philip V

The Battle of Cynoscephalae is a battle that took place in 197 BC. It features in Rome: Total War as a historical battle. You take the role of the Roman army as it moves to defeat the Macedonian army of King Philip V of Macedon.


T. Quinctius Flaminius (Romans)Edit

Rome Cynoscephalae
The Roman army is composed mainly of infantry of all types, along with several mercenary hoplites, cavalry, skirmishers and a unit of elephants.

Philip V of Macedon (Macedon)Edit

Macedon Cynoscephalae
The Macedonian army is composed mainly of phalanx pikemen, supported by several skirmishers and cavalry, with a unit of mercenary light infantry.

In HistoryEdit

With Carthage defeated at Zama and the Second Punic War brought to a succesful conclusion, Rome turned its attention to other matters. In Greece, the former ally of Carthage, Philip of Macedon, provoked Roman hostility just by his continued existence. Romans never forgive or forget those that opose them, even when this is done ineffectually. It didn't take a lot of efort for Titus Quinctius Flaminius to convince the Senate that a settling of accounts with Philip was now needed.

Romans Cynoscephalae

The Roman army prepares to battle the Macedonians

In 200 BC a Roman army landed in Thessaly. After some tentative maneouvering by both sides, they camped on either side of a series of ridges and hillocks called "The Dogs' Heads" (for their shapes) and prepared for battle. The fighting that followed was caracterised by changing fortunes for each side but it was the romans who eventualy gained the upper hand.

Philip's influence in Greece was broken and a series of small campaigns by Flaminius resulted in the Greek cities being largely independent of Macedonian power by 196. By carefully not taking control for Rome, Flaminius was hailed as a liberator, but in practical terms none of the Greek cities were powerful enough to opose Rome's will.

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