Arthur Badon Hill

The legendary King Arthur

The Battle of Badon Hill is a semi-historical battle of uncertain location that occured sometime between 490 and 517 AD. It features in Rome: Total War: Barbarian Invasion as a historical battle. You take the role of the legendary King Arthur as he tries to save his friend, Amalric, from a Saxon army.


Arthur (Romano-British)Edit

Romano-British Badon Hill
Arthur's army is composed of several units of cavalry, with two units each of heavy infantry, archers, crossbowmen, and berserkers, and one unit each of spearmen and monks.

Amalric (Allemanni)Edit

Allemanni Badon Hill
Amalric's army is split in two: one part contains several units of artillery in support of the Romano-British, and the other has four units of spearmen and Amalric himself on an isolated hill.


Saxons1 Badon Hill
There are two saxon armies: the first one is a large force of heavy infantry and spearmen with several units of archers to block Arthur's path from Amalric, and the other is smaller, composed of two units of spearmen, two of archers, two of cavalry and one of heavy infantry to kill Amalric.
Saxons2 Badon Hill

In HistoryEdit

Altough we have no proof of King Arthur's existence his legend is enduring. This battle is a recreation of a possible battle between a Romano-British warlorld called Artorius and the Saxons. Artorius Castus (Arthur), the leader of the Britons, is at war with the Saxon invaders of his land. If he fails, then the pagan Saxons will plunge the people of Britannia into a new dark age of cruelity and slaughter.

Amalric Badon Hill

Lord Amalric's stand

Artorius' ally, lord Amalric, has chosen to make a stand against the Saxon mob on Badon Hill. Now he is surrounded by warriors baying for his blood. If he goes down, Artorius may have lost a friend and may have also lost his kingdom.

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