Crusaders Arsuf

The Crusader army marching on the road

The Battle of Arsuf is a battle that took place on the 7th of Septmember, 1191. It features in Medieval II: Total War as a historical battle. You take the role of the Crusader army under Richard I of England as it battles the Saracen army of Saladin.


Richard I of England (Crusaders)Edit

England Arsuf
The Crusader army is composed mainly of Templar, Hospitaller and Crusader knights, with several units of spearmen and archers and one unit of mercenary crossbowmen.

Saladin (Ayyubids)Edit

Egypt Arsuf
The Saracen army is composed mainly of spearmen, with several units of light cavalry. They also have a few units of archers, and one of naffatun (naptha throwers).

In HistoryEdit

Saracens Arsuf

Saladin leading the Muslim army

Following the fall of Jerusalem to Sultan Saladin, the Christian nations organised another Crusade to recapture the holy city. Amongst the most enthusiastic Crusaders was King Richard of England. Arriving in the Holy Land in 1191, he was able to capture the city of Acre and force Saladin to retreat.

He then marched along the coast to the port city of Jaffa, which would make a good base for an attack on Jerusalem. However, Saladin's army shadowed him the entire way, and on the 7th of September, near the town of Arsuf, made a serious attack on Richard's column on the march.

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