Henry Agincourt

The English King, Henry V

The Battle of Agincourt is a battle that occurred in northern France, near the town of Agincourt in 1415. It features in Medieval II: Total War as a historical battle. You take the role of an English army as it tries to defeat a numericaly superior French army.


English Agincourt

Henry V (English)Edit

The English army is composed mainly of its signature units, the longbowmen. They also have many heavy infantry units, but lack cavalry.

Jean la Maingre and Charles d'Albert (French)Edit

French Agincourt
The French army is composed mainly of heavy infantry and several units of cavalry, a few of crossbowmen and a few of spearmen. They also have a separate, smaller army making its way around the English army to attack them from behind.
French2 Agincourt

In HistoryEdit

By the time Henry V ascended to the English throne, England had lost a considerable share of the French lands it once held.

On the 13th of August, 1415, Henry and his army landed at, and beseiged, the port of Harfleur, which surrendered on the 22nd of September. The siege lasted longer than expected so Henry launched a raiding expedition across northern France on his way to the English-held port of Calais, where he would be able to resupply and rest his weary army over the winter.

Agincourt Field

The field where the battle took place

Henry's army was sick, tired and hungry. Luckily, Henry was an astute and capable military commander and his men were experienced and disciplined, in contrast with the undisciplined French army. Henry, knowing waiting would only decimate his army to hunger and disease, was determined to provoke the French out of any possible waiting game.

The French leaders expected Henry to surrender, while many of the younger French nobles hoped to do battle against the English men-at-arms, intent on ignoring the English archers they deemed beneath them, so they could rip glory and riches by ransoming noble captives from what they believed would be a one-sided battle.

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