Batavian Republic Flag

Flag of the Batavian Republic

The Batavian Republic is a faction in Napoleon: Total War.

General InformationEdit

Basics at startEdit

The Batavian Republic is located in Holland. It is initially allied to France, and is at war with the Coalition. Despite being allied to France and at war with the Coalition, it has historical grievances with France and strong historical friendships with half of the factions in the Coalition, as well as Prussia (who usually fights France sooner or later). It begins the game in a trade agreement with France. It borders Belgium, Cleves-Mark, and Oldenburg, held by France, Prussia, and Oldenburg, respectively.

Due to its strong historical grievances with France, it is an unreliable ally at best, and tends to break alliances with France rather than join in its defence should another faction declare war on France. If it can be convinced to make peace with coalition members, it enjoys very strong relationships with them. It usually allies with neighboring Oldenburg fairly early on in the campaign.

Despite its small size, the Batavian Republic can field multiple, large armies if left to its own devices. While its unit roster is limited, preventing its armies from being too powerful, the quantity of the units it can produce can make it a powerful regional threat. The region of the Netherlands itself is quite rich, with a large city, a port, and a school. This makes the Batavian Republic a good candidate for invasion.

The Batavian Republic is permanently removed from the game if defeated; it cannot emerge. If the Netherlands rebels or is liberated, the United Netherlands emerges instead.


Batavian Republic Diplomacy Map NTW

Initial diplomacy map

When left to its own devices in the Europe campaign for France, the Batavian Republic remains very passive throughout most of the campaign. It occasionally ferries troops with its fleet to attack areas such as southern Italy. Other factions rarely declare war on it, and even the factions that are initially at war with it generally make peace sooner or later.

In the Campaigns of the Coalition, the Batavian Republic is more aggressive, and can prove a significant obstacle to invading France from the north.

Below is a list of grievances/friendships other factions have with the Batavian Republic initially. This list is exhaustive; factions that are not listed do not have friendships or grievances (they are neutral).

Austria France Great Britain Prussia Russia Spain Bavaria
+305 -100 +320 +120 +285 +35 +35
Hessen Kingdom of Naples Kingdom of Sardinia Mecklenburg Oldenburg Papal States Sweden
+80 +305 +115 +35 +105 +30 +250

Below is a list of grievances/friendships other factions have with the Batavian Republic should they emerge. This list is exhaustive; factions that are not listed do not have friendships or grievances (they are neutral). As the Batavian Republic cannot emerge from liberation or rebellion, it has no friendship/grievance set of relationship points with other factions that cannot emerge. 

Ottoman Empire Prussia Wurttemburg Bavaria Belgium Brittany
+35 +65 +35 +80 +120 +35
Catalonia Crimea Greece Hessen Hungary Ireland
+35 +35 +30 +80 +35 +35
Italy Oldenberg Sweden Switzerland United Netherlands Westphalia
+35 +105 -25 +35 -25 +35


The Batavian Republic has a limited unit roster. While it has some basic artillery, infantry, and cavalry, it lacks lancers, elite infantry, and light infantry.


The Batavian Republic is unique in that it is the only faction in Napoleon: Total War that is available for sea battles in multiplayer, but not land battles (where it is replaced by the United Netherlands). It has an unremarkable, small ship roster. One particular weakness is the lack of Ironclads.

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