Barbarian Warlord (Britons)
Briton British Heavy Chariots
Appears in Rome: Total War
Belongs to Britons
Type Chariot
Soldiers in each unit Varies; 36 in custom battles
Attack skill 13
Charge bonus 7
Hitpoints 5
Armor 0
Defense skill 1
Special abilities Special Attack; Combat bonus in snow; Frighten nearby enemy infantry; Excellent morale; Can't hide; Good stamina; Fast moving
Cost You cannot recruit it in campaign. 1010 in custom battles.
Upkeep Varies

Chariots are a pinnacle of Celtic technology and an effective machine of war. So it's no surprise to see tribal leaders driving them into battle accompanied by groups of bodyguards. It is important that a warlord has a group of hardened warriors arround him to go into the thick of battle to prove that he is not only a great leader but also a great warrior.

Barbarian warlords hold their positions of trust and command not just through their tactical skill but because they are personally brave and resolute. No warrior willingly follows a coward, and no coward has the right to ask his brothers-in-arms to throw their lives away.