Culture Hellenistic

Faction BonusesEdit

Successor Kingdoms Faction Bonus:

Alexander's Legacy: -20% resistance to foreign occupation

Successor Conflicts: +10% morale for all units during battles against Hellenic factions

Sub-Faction BonusEdit

Royal Family: Diodotus, the governor of Baktria, has secured their independence. This will draw the wrath of their former Seleucid overlords. Hellenisation: +4 to cultural conversion

Nomadic Emnity: Major diplomatic penalty with all nomadic tirbes (cultural aversion).

Baktrian Prosperity: +5% wealth from industrial and commerce buildings.

Other Nobles: The leading families of Baktria, a mix of Greek and Persian heritage, are united at court by a shared Hellenistic culture. The royal household serves as a crucible for an otherwise disparate nobility.

In-game Encyclopedia DescriptionEdit

Baktria is a land of a thousand golden cities all grown rich on trade, and sits at the crossroads between the Hellenistic and Indian worlds, and “Serica”, the lands of silk, to the east. With the Seleucids struggling against Ptolemaic Egypt, the Baktrians could establish their own empire stretching from the roof of the world to, possibly, the far shores of the Mediterranean.

Starting RegionsEdit

Baktra, Bukhara, Maracanda, Eucratidea.


The Baktrian armies field a strong army of traditional hellenic troops, with walls of pikemen, flanked by spears and shock cavalry, supported by eastern locals. While their line infantry have less variety to choose from than the other Successor factions, the Baktria make up for it by having above-average skirmisher units. Horse archers, Eastern skirmishers, and light melee cavalry are able to outmaneuver slower forces, and bring the hammer down upon the anvil of the Pike Phalanx that much more quickly.


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