For the Empire: Total War faction, see Württemberg.

Baden Wurttemberg Flag

Flag of Baden-Wurttemberg

Baden-Württemberg is a minor faction in Napoleon: Total War.

General InformationEdit

Baden-Württemberg is a Western European faction. It borders French-held Alsace-Lorraine to the west, Hessen to the north, Bavaria to the east, and the Swiss Confederation to the south. It is initially allied to France and her allies and at war with the Coalition. Should it be removed from the game, it can emerge if its home region has a successful rebellion or is liberated.

Baden-Württemberg has minor historical grievances with France, but it's a reliable ally and a useful buffer state.

In the Campaigns of the Coalition, Baden-Württemberg automatically merges with the French Empire by the second turn. This doesn't happen in either the Europe campaign for France or multiplayer campaigns, however.

Unit RosterEdit

Baden-Württemberg lacks any light or lance cavalry whatsoever, significantly constraining the flexibility of its cavalry arm. It has access to light infantry, line infantry, and skirmishers, but lacks grenadiers or guard units. Baden-Württemberg has the standard minor faction artillery and ship rosters.


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